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Douye Igoniderigha, 3rd Year BSc Neuroscience (Honours)

Ivana Okaro, 4th Year BSc Neuroscience (Honours)

Our Mission

As Black undergraduate science students, we recognize the transformative power that lies in curating safe spaces for connection and amplifying our voices. Navigating university can be particularly challenging for science students, especially first-generation students or those struggling within the post-secondary system. We created this website with Black students pursuing higher education at the University of Calgary in mind. However, it also serves as a valuable resource for all underrepresented students, first-generation students, Canadian immigrants, and those simply searching for guidance as they travail the postsecondary landscape. Students attending other Canadian universities who are interested in pursuing research opportunities here at UofC are also welcome to utilize this site! As this platform expands, we look forward to further representing minority groups and providing additional resources for all. 

Our website aims to provide means for Black students to discover opportunities, receive guidance for professional development, and connect with Black faculty and staff who can offer support throughout their academic journey. For the Diaspora is founded upon our virtues of inclusion, equity and the goal of decolonizing academic spaces. We strive to create an environment where every student feels empowered and supported regardless of background. By fostering an inclusive community, we hope to address the unique challenges faced by Black and minority students, promoting more equitable representation in the sciences.

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